a note from Mark whitebook:

First, thank you to all the loyal customers who have installed Probe Engineering, Inc. electronic ignition systems on their vintage bikes since we first began offering them for sale in 1999.  After sixteen years, we have determined it no longer makes business sense for us to continue manufacturing these products.

All ignition systems sold since January 1, 2013 carry a one-year warranty, so we are not going away; Probe Engineering, Inc. will continue as a corporate entity for another year, until any warranty obligations incurred from our 2015 product sales have been honored.  We will also have replacement parts available on a limited basis through 2016; as our spares inventory is exhausted, some parts may become unavailable.

The Probe Engineering, Inc. contact e-address will continue to be active:

(or click on the "Contact" tab at the top of the page, which will route you there).