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Honda CA72 & CA77
Honda CB, CL, CJ360
Honda CB, CL, SL175
Honda CB, CL, SL350
Honda CB, CL160
Honda CB, CL200
Honda CB, CL450 DOHC
Honda CB500T DOHC
Honda CB72 & CL72
Honda CB77 & CL77
XS650 - 270 Rephase
XS650 - 277 Rephase
XS650 - Std 360 Crankshaft
Yamaha XS650 - All


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Welcome to Probe Engineering, Inc.

On these pages you will find modern electronic ignitions designed for bikes from the 1960s and 1970s, when OEM manufacturers were still using points-and-condenser systems.  If you have not experienced the benefits of the change from old-tech to new-tech on your bike, talk to another bike enthusiast who has - it is worth the time and expense.

Probe Engineering, Inc. designs and builds all the systems you see on our site; they are not "designed and manufactured exclusively for us" - they are designed and built by us, right here in Southern California.  We are electrical engineers and bike enthusiasts, with dozens of bikes in our garages, many of which are "development mules" with thousands of miles and many years of riding using our ignition systems.

Our ignition systems are modern designs with electronically-generated advance curves; they are are not simple points-replacement setups that continue to use your old mechanical advancer; that was state-of-the-art in 1978, not 2014.  (The exceptions are the ignition systems for the 1960s Honda Hawk, Superhawk, and Dream engines, which retain their original inside-the-engine mechanical advancers.)

If you're planning on owning and riding (or racing!) your vintage machine, click on our "Categories" tabs at left to select your bike, click on the Probe ignition model that fits it, and read through the "Detailed Description" page; find out what the highest-quality ignitions for vintage bikes look like.

To request PDF versions of product installation instructions, please e-mail us with a request, including the system's model designation (e.g., PR-350TX):

For any other questions, please contact us via e-mail:

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