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Price: $399.00
Brief Description
Detailed Description

The Model CBX-06L is a three-channel dual-fire electronic ignition system for all years of the Honda CBX. 

The system incorporates fully electronic advance-retard, and does away with the OEM centrifugal-advance mechanism. 


The system works with a trio of dual-tower coils; cylinders fire in pairs (1-6, 2-5, and 3-4) once per 360 degrees of crank rotation.  The CBX-06L ignition is compatible with OEM coils, as well as performance aftermarket dual-tower coils having a primary resistance between 3 ohms and 5 ohms.  With the new progressive dwell control feature, 3 ohm coils are recommended; they will give superior spark energy, while still drawing low average current and creating reduced self-heating.


Other features of the system include:

  • Hall-effect sensor pickups
    These non-contact, no-wear magnetic-sensitive devices are resistant to temperature and oil contamination, providing consistent, accurate timing information to the control module.
  • Electronic advance-retard
    Your OEM centrifugal-advance mechanism is not used; the trigger rotor, which carries the flying magnets to trigger the Hall-effect sensors, mounts solidly to the right jackshaft end.
  • Dedicated “start” circuit for accurate timing down to zero RPM
    A special start circuit works from zero RPM to 480 RPM to ease the burden on the electric starter and ensure quick, reliable starts.
  • User-adjustable synchronous rev limiter
    The built-in rev limiter is adjustable between 9,500 RPM and 11,000 RPM in 250 RPM steps; one setting is reserved for an override, which permits unrestricted engine speed.
  • Progressive dwell control
    The progressive dwell control feature varies the coil-current’s “dwell angle” with changing engine speed.  This maximizes spark energy while minimizing the average coil current and subsequent self-heating of the coils, for long life and cool running.
  • Built-in static-timing LED
    The timing LED lets you accurately set the full-advance timing before you ever fire up the engine.
  • Digital tachometer output
    The tachometer output connects directly to an electronic tachometer, providing a solid 50% duty-cycle square wave swinging from zero to 12V.
  • Kill function
    A dedicated “kill” wire disables the coil current if grounded, for easy compliance with competition regulations.
  • Auto-timeout
    The auto-timeout function continuously checks to see if the engine is spinning; if the bike is not started (or stalls) for 32 seconds after power is switched on, the circuit cuts off the coil current (to protect your battery, your coils, and the control module from overheating damage).  Once coil current is cut off, it is automatically reset as soon as the circuit senses crank rotation – you don’t have to reboot the system. 


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